Advertising moving towards Call to Action

Online advertising is now slowly moving towards call to action instead of click to action as that has better results. People promoting their businesses online prefer to get direct leads so that they can promote their business better. For call to action, pay per call model of advertising is used where the advertiser has to pay to the website that is promoting his business, only when someone visiting that site clicks on the call button and connects with them. People who find the ad to be of use to them will click on it and they can see the number that is to be called. When you use mobile ads then they get to call you directly and you are able to get genuine leads.

In the call to action advertising model you have to pay only when a call is connected to you. The cost incurred for such advertising model is high which means that every call, the rate is high as compared to other models like pay per impression. However, since it helps you to get quality leads and helps with customer acquisition, it turns out to be more economical as compared to the other advertisement. This is why most advertising is now moving towards call to action. To know more about this advertising model and to choose it for your business you can visit