First we should look and try to understand the concept of Push notification ads, Push Ads are basically a database of users who have subscribed to some specific kind of services/ website which they follow, and for the same the website/mobile app is allowed access but them to show up Notifications to them. These notifications can be website related or can be even 3rd party notifications.

Now coming to the part where we can generate calls via Push notification. Push Notification show up differently on different platforms, Push notifications can be classic push notifications or in-Page push notification. Adunit is standard 192×192. below are some of the sample ads which can clarify idea about how ads show up.

When we talk about advertising on Push Notification traffic, website / publisher owners who have access to this 3rd party notification showing access, show up ads to their subscribers. Now to maintain good and keep up with a health subscriber list, its very important to show subscribers notifications which are relevant to the services/news etc which they are expecting. for example if you have a subscriber who has subscribers for Forex trading news, and end up getting gambling / casino notifications, he will unsubscribe himself from further notification.

Adding Click to Call Button to on the Landing Pages Plus Flashing direct contact phone no. in the ads, helps advertisers generate high volume call flow aswell.

Mobile Android Push Notification Sample Ad
Windows Push Notification Sample Ad
MacOS Desktop Push Notification Sample Ad
Chrome In-Page Push Notification Sample Ad