What we do?
We are a Pay Per Call Advertising Network, which works on fixed cost per Call or Rev share commissions basis. Maximum Commissions we charge per Call Transfer is just $1 flat fee in all aspects. We just focus on bulk call transfer business.


Where are these ads placed?
Ads are placed across our partner network channels. which includes various methods of ad-serving like Adware Inventory, Chrome Extension, Expired Domain Inventory etc. Ad placements are available for both Desktop and Mobile Inventory.


When do we charge Advertiser ?
Advertiser is charged based on Performance, means Cost per Action. When a tentative inquiry is delivered to Advertiser/Client Call center, we count it a conversion.


Is there any Buffer time with Cost per Call Campaigns ?
Buffer time for Campaigns may vary on Adhoc basis.


Buying selling Call’s?
We work closely and transparently with Pubs and Advertisers to ensure long term business relations on both ends, Advertiser’s can see Source ID’s for each calls which is being routed to them and hence can optimize based on the Call outcome and quality. For Publisher’s it applies same, they can keep a check on payouts which they make out of Advertisers and make instant adjustments.


Types of Call’s we Deal in?
Travel Calls (Flight Booking, Travel Packages, Taxi Booking etc)

– Finance Calls (Home loans, Payday Loans, Home Improvement, Unsecure Loans etc)

Technical Support Calls (PC Fix, Printer Problem, Windows Update, Email Login issue etc)

– Solar Panel Installation Calls (Ordering and Installation of Solar panels)

– Pest Control Calls (Termite control, Bed Bugs control, General pest control etc)


Payment Options
we accept PayTM, Bank Transfers, Paxum, Bitcoin, Skrill, Webmoney & PayPal.

Min Campaign Budget: USD $200

*processing fee may be applicable.