To understand how does Popup Advertising works and converts into calls, we have to understand the traffic flow and various steps involved in Popup marketing methods.

Selection of Popup Advertising unit – Size of Popups – 300×300, 800×600, Full Page

Transparency of Popup which float on the screen can be adjusted. – example of floating popup can also be seen on our website home page, where closure button is also provided.

These Popup ads can be targeted based on all kind of Media targeting options like device versions, operating systems, Browsers orientations, IP address etc

Flashing Relevant message along with click to call button, makes up an important combination, because Click to Call Button when effectively placed and operated in mobile phone or tablet devices, can generate a call from customer. So it makes things very easy, customer see the message and click on the Call button. No need to fill in long forms and NO waiting for call backs.

*Our standard Popup Ads are NonFreeze and have default close button on right top corner of the Popup.

*Advertising for Popup Traffic Calls is subjected to approval on our Guidelines and strictly based on our terms and conditions.

Sample Popup – 300×300. – Can be Image or Content.

Channels/Campaigns which do really well with such ads are:-

✔ Travel / Hotel Booking campaigns – Click to Call button with Toll Free.

✔ Home Services like Pest Control, Water Restoration, Plumber Services etc.

✔ Online Technical Support – Printer Support, Antivirus Support, Annual Renewal Contracts etc. Online Technical Support campaigns are subjected to strict approval guidelines.

✔ Click to Download Software Products & Mobile VAS (value added Services) Products.