Canada Desktop Popup Traffic starting $2 cpm onwards

Reaching out to your target consumers is important for promoting your online business more effective. If you need Canada based users for your business then you can buy the Canada Desktop popup traffic starting $2 CPM onwards. This is a targeted traffic package wherein you use popup ads that are promoted only to the people based in Canada. The ads are promoted on the desktop only and are served as popup ads.

The popup ads have a high click through rate as they are noticed by the target consumers easily. Buying the Canada Desktop popup traffic means that your business is promoted only to the people who are in Canada. The ad server identifies the Canada based desktop users and then serves the ad to them. This ensures that your ad is promoted only to the potential consumers. It is considered to be highly effective as well because you get to reach out to consumers. For every thousand impression of your ad you are required to pay only $1 dollar. CPM means cost per mille and is a payment model. Mille here refers to thousand impressions and has a good click through rate. To know more about the Canada desktop popup traffic packages, you can contact