Cost per Call & Lead Generation Comparisons – Leads via Phone Calls

When promoting your business online then choosing the cost per call model for lead generation can turn out to be more effective as opposed to lead via phone calls. Lead via phone calls means you make calls and identify your target consumers through the calls. In cost per call and lead generation campaign, the potential leads call you. Your business is promoted online through lead generation campaign where the ad viewers are encouraged to call through the ad link. Only the people who find your ad campaign useful are likely to click on the ad and call.

This is effective as you have to pay only for every call that you receive through the ad. This has a higher click through rate, is cost effective and saves your time as well. Such targeted traffic packages are directed at your target consumers only and help them to learn about your product and services. You can promote your ad in the form of popup ads, popunder ads or google ads with a link so that they can call you through the call button. This is what helps you to promote your online business effectively and get to your target consumers. To know more about such lead generation you can visit