What is Pay Per Call Marketing?

Pay per call marketing is a gaining a lot of popularity these days and is popular with the advertisers. When you search for a business or view an ad promoting another business then you sometime see a call button. Clicking on call button helps you to connect with the advertiser directly. This helps the advertisers to get people who want to know about the products and services and helps the customers to connect with them directly. However, in this marketing the website that advertiser who promotes the call marketing tab also get revenue.

When the visitor at the website clicks on call button then the advertiser get paid for every call. This is called as pay per call marketing. It is quite popular for online advertising and especially with mobile ads as the users get to call the company/advertiser directly. The advertisers also get genuine lead through such ad campaign. It has a good click through rate and gives you better returns on investment which makes it more popular. To understand more about how the pay per call marketing can promote your business, you can visit www.popcalls.net. They can help you to know about the different campaigns which can promoted your business better.