How does pay per call work?

Pay Per call is a marketing option that is used in online marketing and helps the advertisers to reach out target consumers. The advertiser pays the advertisee for every call that he receives through the call advertisement. The pricing is dependent on the number of calls that are made by the ad viewers. When the viewer clicks on the ad, instead of being sent to another website, he is asked to make a call. The call tab opens and he can make the call through it directly. This ad campaign works even better on mobile ads as the calls are made directly.

For the businesses that use the pay per call model for advertising, it helps them to reach out to the people who are genuinely interested in their products and services and can contact them directly through the ad link. You get better quality leads and can get more business through the pay per call advertising. Generally, the advertiser needs to pay only for the calls that last for more than a minute. The rates ae higher but then this ad model has better returns on investment. To know more about how the pay per call work, you can get visit