Premium Popup Inventory – starting $1 CPM onwards

Buy premium popup inventory for promoting your business to the target consumers. The popup inventory refers to the traffic that you get at your website through popup ads. These ads have a very high click through rate as they are noticed by the target consumers and they have a better chance of getting more business. When you buy premium popup inventory then you can it for as low as $1 CPM . This means that for every thousand impression of your ad, the payment is as low as a dollar only.

When you buy premium popup inventory then you can look forward to reaching out to the online viewers and promoting your business to them. The business is promoted through popup ads which are served on mobile phones and on websites. When the viewers use the app or the website then the ad is prompted to them and they have a higher probability of clicking on it which in turn takes them to the advertised website. This helps you to promote your business to the target consumers and get them to visit your website. Such ad campaigns are cost effective and get you better returns on investment. To know more about such targeted premium popup ad inventory, you can visit