US Cost per Download Inventory – Mobile & Desktop

When you have developed a mobile application or a desktop application then you can benefit better only when get more people to download the applications. To promote this you can buy US cost per download inventory for your mobile phone and desktop. With this kind of advertising you get to reach out to the target consumers and encourage them to download the app. The download link is promoted through the ad. This can be done through inapp advertising also on mobile phones as they have a higher download and click through rate.

When you choose the US cost per download inventory then your business is promoted only to the target consumers who are based in US. This ensures that your ad is reaching the target consumers. When the users find the ad to be relevant to them then they have a higher probability of clicking on it and downloading your app through it. You can promote both mobile app and desktop app through the ad campaign. It is cost effective as well as your need to pay to only for every download that you get through the ads. To know more about such US cost per download inventory for mobile and desktop, you can visit